When I went to the University the medical school was the only place where one could hope to find the means to study life its nature its origins and its ills.

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But in the name of the experimental method and out of our poor knowledge are we really entitled to claim that everything happens by chance to the exclusion of all other possibilities?

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This attempt to isolate cell constituents might have been a failure if they had been destroyed by the relative brutality of the technique employed. But this did not happen.

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Looking back 25 years later what I may say is that the facts have been far better than the dreams. In the long course of cell life on this earth it remained for our age for our generation to receive the full ownership of our inheritance.

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For this equilibrium now in sight let us trust that mankind as it has occurred in the greatest periods of its past will find for itself a new code of ethics common to all made of tolerance of courage and of faith in the Spirit of men.

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