Marketing has supplanted story as the primary force behind the worthiness of making a film and that’s a very sad thing. It’s film only as a function of consumerism rather than as an important component of our culture and that’s everywhere around the world.

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When you’re a houseguest and you leave it’s nice to straighten something up or send your hosts a useful gift. And when you leave the planet it’s nice to have made a positive contribution.

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Even if we die at 100 we’re still dying young. I want at least 700 years. There’s a lot of travelling and books to read and movies to see. I’m not going to squeeze it all in in 85 years.

I mean look I love movies not just the ones I make… In fact I don’t like the movies I make very much.

Each one of my movies becomes easier to get off the ground.

The novel succeeds on terms exclusive to literature. A good film succeeds on terms exclusive to the cinema. That’s why so many bad novels can become good movies like ‘Jaws’ or ‘The Godfather.’

I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than are many Hollywood movies. But I still try to stay within a commercial narrative a contemporary American vernacular.

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I don’t feel despair because I am able to make the films I want to make and that gives me hope.

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Joe E. Lewis said ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness but it calms the nerves.’ And that is how I feel about a film being well-received.

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Hollywood films have become a cesspool of formula and it’s up to us to try to change it… I feel like a preacher! But it’s really true. I feel personally responsible for the future of American cinema. Me personally.

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The biggest fear I have is to die with regrets and of course that will come true.

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Anytime you cast a movie and you need someone famous in the lead part you’re a prisoner of whoever happens to be famous in the six-month window in which you’re trying to get a film financed.

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I get asked ‘How can you have such failures in your films?’ Well what else is life about? There’s some sense of constant failure in something. Humor gives you a distance from it.

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You just never know when you’re living in a golden age.

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