You just let your lower self go and then it takes on all these aspects of the society – the city with horns blowing the people yelling things at each other and the all-in-all violence and chaos of the city. Put that on stage with music and that’s what this is.

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I’m very romantic I’m extremely romantic. I date my wife.

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I have never made fun of religion. Religion is something I don’t even want to mess with because I am really afraid of the clouds opening up and my being struck by lightning.

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The hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris blondes and switchblades.

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City people live the city. We live in L.A. New York we live in places where it’s chaotic and you never know what’s gonna happen. And that’s the music – you never know what’s gonna happen.

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Why be boring? Have some fun. Rock shows should be like movies: I don’t go to a movie hoping it’ll change my life.

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The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school.

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They pick all of us out and then they decide they computerize decide if they like it or don’t like it and then they go home and then they come back again because they’re not sure what they saw.

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Mistakes are part of the game. It’s how well you recover from them that’s the mark of a great player.

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When you believe in God you’ve got to believe in the all-powerful God. He’s not just God He’s the all-powerful God and He has total control over everyone’s life. The Devil on the other hand is a real character that’s trying his hardest to tear your life apart.

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