My work is about my life and what I want to do with it.

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It’s so clear that you have to cherish everyone. I think that’s what I get from these older black women that every soul is to be cherished that every flower Is to bloom.

My mother was very strong. Once she picked up a coconut and smashed it against my father’s head. It taught me about women defending themselves and not collapsing in a heap.

I just like to have words that describe things correctly. Now to me ‘black feminist’ does not do that. I need a word that is organic that really comes out of the culture that really expresses the spirit that we see in black women. And it’s just… womanish.

I’m for women choosing whatever they want to do but they have to really know what they are doing.

In my work and in myself I reflect black people women and men as I reflect others. One day even the most self-protective ones will look into the mirror I provide and not be afraid.

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War contributes greatly to global warming which shouldn’t surprise us. All those bombs going off all those rockets all those planes and helicopters. All that fuel of various kinds being used. It pollutes the air and water of this very fragile and interconnected planet.

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The gift of loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one’s people that has not previously been taken into account.

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It is justice and respect that I want the world to dust off and put – without delay and with tenderness – back on the head of the Palestinian child. It will be imperfect justice and respect because the injustice and disrespect have been so severe. But I believe we are right to try.

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I don’t call myself a Buddhist. I’m a free spirit. I believe I’m here on earth to admire and enjoy it that’s my religion.

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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be.

I’m sure we the American people are the butt of jokes by those in power.

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In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted bent in weird ways and they’re still beautiful.

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I think writing really helps you heal yourself. I think if you write long enough you will be a healthy person. That is if you write what you need to write as opposed to what will make money or what will make fame.

Well I think indigenous peoples have ways of living on the Earth that they’ve had forever. And they’ve been overrun by organized religion which has had a lot of money and power.

The trouble with our people is as soon as they got out of slavery they didn’t want to give the white man nothing else. But the fact is you got to give em something. Either your money your land your woman or your ass.

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Yes Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.

How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are we must know our mothers names.

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