And unlike the earlier bombing on the World Trade Center a major landmark and symbol of the strength of the financial world was not just damaged but totally destroyed.

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While most of us know that we feel better after a good hearty laugh science in many cases is yet to prove why.

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No matter what has happened you too have the power to enjoy yourself.

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Today’s business and health care climate may not be pleasant. Cutbacks pay cuts and layoffs do not make anyone’s job easy. But that does not mean that the humor need stop.

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When you do find humor in trying times one of the first and most important changes you experience is that you see your perplexing problems in a new way – you suddenly have a new perspective on them.

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It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual.

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When we are dealing with death we are constantly being dragged down by the event: Humor diverts our attention and lifts our sagging spirits.

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