If we have an honest discussion on whether the war on poverty should be fought with welfare or with economic growth in the private sector Democrats will lose black votes.

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African-Americans who might have disagreed with candidate Obama’s left-of-center politics voted for him in 2008 because electing a candidate with brown skin was too historic an opportunity to miss.

America wants solutions. America wants a leader. No more tabloid politics.

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A majority perhaps as many as 75 percent of abortion clinics are in areas with high minority populations. Abortion apologists will say this is because they want to serve the poor. You don’t serve the poor however by taking their money to terminate their children.

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It is statistically proven that the strongest institution that guarantees procreation and continuity of the generations is marriage between one man and one woman. We don’t want genocide. We don’t want to destroy the sacred institution of marriage.

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Let’s be honest about this the liberal agenda with failed stimulus plans and government entitlement programs is crippling our economy and our quality of life.

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My daddy Rev. A. D. King my granddaddy Martin Luther King Senior – we are a family of faith hope and love.

We’re reclaiming America and restoring honor. I believe we do that with faith with hope with charity and honoring our brothers and our sisters as we honor each other.

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Racism oppresses its victims but also binds the oppressors who sear their consciences with more and more lies until they become prisoners of those lies. They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit.

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People need jobs people need happy and successful lives there should be marriage between one man and one woman there should the value of person from conception until natural death.

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