You learn to speak by speaking to study by studying to run by running to work by working in just the same way you learn to love by loving.

Anatole France Work Quote

I prefer the folly of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom.

Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom.

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War will disappear only when men shall take no part whatever in violence and shall be ready to suffer every persecution that their abstention will bring them. It is the only way to abolish war.

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The truth is that life is delicious horrible charming frightful sweet bitter and that is everything.

Anatole France Truth Quote

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

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Nature has no principles. She makes no distinction between good and evil.

It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion.

Anatole France Nature Quotes

Only men who are not interested in women are interested in women’s clothes. Men who like women never notice what they wear.

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To imagine is everything to know is nothing at all.

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History books that contain no lies are extremely dull.

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Lovers who love truly do not write down their happiness.

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