So Europe needs to be competitive and we also need to be competitive if we wish to remain an interesting economic partner for the United States. This has to be done on the basis of strength of competitiveness.

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It certainly is dangerous that there are only a few clubs left in Europe that can afford to pay millions. At the end of the day however the spectators decide the rates of pay – by watching the games and consuming the goods and services advertised on sports TV programmes.

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On the one hand the financial projection is on the agenda – we will see if this problem can be resolved or not. I think it is a right idea to stage a special summit which would deal with the question of priorities of European politics.

That is why everyone in politics and we do it must make sure that they do not depend on one single interest group. A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.

Thus the focus on this main political goal must become more visible in EU politics and to achieve this we need a political impulse. It must be clear what the priorities on the agenda are.

Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn’t the top priority.

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The euro is our common fate and Europe is our common future.

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From this experience we have learned that in a big party it is important to have the necessary and often controversial discussions on policy issues such as the health system while in opposition.

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The willingness to learn new skills is very high.

I feel sorry sometimes for these sportsmen and women who put in just as much effort as the footballers. For example athletes train at least as hard as footballers but have to be happy if they can earn enough to finance a decent education.

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Overcoming the Cold War required courage from the people of Central and Eastern Europe and what was then the German Democratic Republic but it also required the steadfastness of Western partner over many decades when many had long lost hope of integration of the two Germanys and Europe.

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