I think people’s perception of a rich girl is literal but metaphorically I embrace it as being rich in love spirit joy and religion. So it’s not about money.

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My mom was a diabetic. Her sister was a diabetic so I was already a candidate.

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I’m the type of woman you might say is too good. I’ll massage a man’s feet have dinner cooked when he gets home. But once they leave the door is closed and the locks are changed.

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I swear by that old expression ‘One monkey don’t stop no show!’ The reality is we still have some good men out there and we should hail those men as the kings they are.

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I was always on the go and thought I was too busy to develop something like this. I thought at the time that diabetes went along with bad habits but I was the last one in my family to eat junk food.

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‘Do What You Gotta Do’ is a positive inspirational song that says no matter what it is whether you’re up against challenges or trying to get your dreams and aspirations met you should do what whatever you have to do shy of killing yourself or someone else.

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Coming through the fire and through the storm of life with a strong man my fiance Ashanti whom I’ve been dating for eight months and two wonderful children beside me I’m just so happy that I have been able to maintain my integrity and get to where I am today with the right energy around me.

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