People like to make fun of the fans who camp out but people have renaissance fairs people do Civil War re-enactments people do what they like. I’m tired of hearing people rage on the fans. If you don’t like ‘Twilight’ don’t buy a ticket.

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I guess as long as people think of me for different ages I’ll trust their opinion. I remember noticing one year that Michelle Monaghan played 34 and 19 so I’ve kind of clung to that as my justification that I can be Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife and a freshman in college in the same year.

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‘Rocket Science’ is really where I fell in love with filmmaking I think ‘Camp’ was incredible but it was so bizarre and I was trying to find my footing in this world where you don’t have an audience for immediate validation.

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When I get recognized for ‘Twilight’ it’s usually a teenage girl and they’re usually really loud. So it certainly feels like I get recognized the most from that but it could just be because of the nature of how vocal those fans are.

I like figuring out where I need to be mentally so that I’m not thinking about the camera and that it’s second nature. I want to get to a place where I can exist within the confines of what you can do with filmmaking and not have to think about it.

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I filmed seven movies in 2011 and I think that was a mistake. I pushed myself too hard and I want to be able to come to work each day and give 100 percent. I guess I found out what my boundaries are.

I’m into ‘The Walking Dead’ ‘Shaun of the Dead’ obviously and I’ve seen all the Romero movies. I am a classic zombie queen. And I love the White Walkers on ‘Game of Thrones.’ Weirdly it wasn’t until pretty late in life that I found my entry point into horror films.

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I feel like I’m still learning a lot. I think there’s a tendency for people who are just doing their first couple of films that I see now where they seem to be really resentful of the technical limitations that come along with filmmaking.

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To not be self-conscious of your appearance is huge and something that I desperately hope to carry into film at some point in my useless life – to not be thinking ‘My ear looks weird from this angle why is the camera over there?’

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I think a gentleman is someone who holds the comfort of other people above their own. The instinct to do that is inside every good man I believe. The rules about opening doors and buying dinner and all of that other ‘gentleman’ stuff is a chess game especially these days.

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I’m the person who wouldn’t send back my food even if I got steak when I’d ordered fish.

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I started auditioning when I was about 10 and I didn’t get my first job until I was 12 and two years at that age is really hard.

My parents got married late and they had kids late so I never felt a social or cultural thing to be married or pregnant or a homeowner by a certain age.

I’m a pretty big dork. It’s crazy. I’m one of those people who grew up with all kinds of musicals but I was right at that age where ‘Rent’ was a big deal for me and for my friends.

My parents were really really cool about supporting what I wanted to do at a really young age. I think I was about 10 when I caught the bug. They would drive me down to New York if there were auditions. When I was 12 I did this show on Broadway called ‘High Society’ so we moved to New York for the run of that.

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