My wife Jill and I have an incredibly close working relationship and an incredibly happy married one. We met through work. I was the world’s worst advertising copywriter. She had the misfortune to be my account director so from the very start she was my boss and she still is.

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I believe that by and large people are good and everybody you meet is more likely to surprise you in a positive way than in a negative way.

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My greatest fear is disappointing the reader so each book has to be better than the one before.

I fear dying in the middle of a book. It would be so annoying to write 80,000 words and not get to the end. I’m phobic about it. So when I’m writing a book I leave messages all over the house for people to know how the story ends and then someone can finish it for me.

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Until he lost all his money my father was a successful north London Jewish businessman. He was unusual among his immediate family in that he was enormously cultured and had an incredible library.

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I vividly remember being 14. That was the age when I started to get happy: I started being a writer and stopped being a loser.

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