As a result of the digital age and the decline of first-class mail there is no question that the Postal Service must change and develop a new business model.

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You go to Scandinavia and you will find that people have a much higher standard of living in terms of education health care and decent paying jobs.

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Of course the Republicans have long wanted to privatize Social Security and destroy it. But Social Security has been the most important and valuable social program in the history of the United States.

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These are the same people who believe in some cases the federal government should not play any role in providing health care to our people or protecting the environment.

People don’t trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons.

If the goal of health-care reform is to provide comprehensive universal health care in a cost-effective way the only honest approach is a single-payer approach.

As a single-payer advocate I believe that at the end of the day if a state goes forward and passed an effective single-payer program it will demonstrate that you can provide quality health care to every man woman and child in a more cost-effective way.

Look if you have somebody who doesn’t have health insurance who doesn’t have a doctor or dentist and in order to deal with their cold or flu or dental problem they go to an emergency room – in general that visit will cost ten times more than walking into a community health center.

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