Winning ‘The Apprentice’ changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It has been an amazing experience working for Donald Trump and I am very grateful for the whole opportunity.

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I’m a big fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful you first have to have the courage to go for it.

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I’d wear flip-flops and jeans. I guess that’s not cool.

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The American Dream is still alive out there and hard work will get you there. You don’t necessarily need to have an Ivy League education or to have millions of dollars startup money. It can be done with an idea hard work and determination.

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I think it’s time to have a celebration of life and renew our vows. And this time we’re going to write the vows because they’re going to mean a lot more. We certainly put the ‘in sickness and in health’ vow to the test the last year and half.

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So many reality shows are scripted and create this fake drama and it’s a bunch of bull. We wanted to do something real and something wholesome and something that’s focused on positive family values.

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This was our last stop. This was it. We had those two embryos that we had banked prior to learning about the breast cancer and with the medicine she was on this was our last effort. The prayers were answered.

Currently I am overseeing the construction of the new Trump Tower in Chicago. I am involved in meeting with the construction crews architects and sales teams. I am learning a lot and working with some of the best in the business.

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