In my view there is nothing more vicious and outrageous than the abuse exploitation and harm of the most vulnerable members of our society and I firmly believe that our nation’s laws and resources need to reflect the seriousness of these terrible crimes.

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Yet when child sex offenders are brought to justice and serve time for their offenses they are often released into unsuspecting communities and left free to resume their sexual attacks.

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I have the utmost respect for those who have come to this country legally and have contributed to the great melting pot that is America today. But those who have crossed our borders illegally have broken the law and the law ought to be enforced.

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Effective use of Braille is as important to the blind as independent mobility knowledge in the use of adaptive technology and the core belief that equality opportunity and security are truly possible for all people who are blind.

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In recent years personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers have attacked the food industry with numerous lawsuits alleging that these businesses should pay monetary damages to those who of their own accord consume too much of a legal safe product.

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We not only have a legal obligation to honor our commitments we have a moral obligation to provide the coverage we promised to provide to these people.

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All of us deserve a greater peace of mind knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are.

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