After Nixon resigned in 1974 he engaged in a very aggressive war with history attempting to wipe out the Watergate stain and memory. Happily history won largely because of Nixon’s tapes.

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I give lectures for money but all the money goes to charity. So I make no money from it.

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I believe there’s too little patience and context to many of the investigations I read or see on television.

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Many people have their reputations as reporters and analysts because they are on television batting around conventional wisdom. A lot of these people have never reported a story.

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There are people who take rumors and embellish them in a way that can be devastating. And this pollution has to be eradicated by people in our business as best we can.

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Deep Throat’s information and in my view courage allowed the newspaper to use what he knew and suspected.

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I think people are smart enough to sort it out. They know when they’re watching one of these food fight shows where journalists sit around and yell and scream at each other versus serious issue reporting.

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A reporter’s ability to keep the bond of confidentiality often enables him to learn the hidden or secret aspects of government.

Watergate provides a model case study of the interaction and powers of each of the branches of government. It also is a morality play with a sad and dramatic ending.

The number of illegal activities were so large that one was bound to come out and lead to the uncovering of the others. Nixon was too willing to use the power of government to settle scores and get even with enemies.

Using these unnamed sources if done properly carefully and fairly provides more accountability in government.

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Nixon’s grand mistake was his failure to understand that Americans are forgiving and if he had admitted error early and apologized to the country he would have escaped.

The failure of the system to deal quickly was attributable to Nixon’s lying stonewalling and refusal to come clean. So it took 26 months for the final truth to be known.

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