There was a certain point in my life where I had to decide that I was going to take my future and Nicole’s and not wallow in what happened to me because when you do that you just keep repeating what’s been happening and at some point you have to make a choice.

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Don’t ignore the past but deal with it on your own pace. Once you deal with it you are free of it and you are free to embrace your life and be a happy loving person because if you don’t the past will come back to haunt and keep coming back to haunt you.

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As part of my relationship with my wife and my daughter and we share everything and talk about everything.

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We’re very open and outspoken about our faith and our beliefs. We also talk about our doubts our moments of insecurities. We talk about it all day how we’re inspired by God. We recognize little miracles every day and that’s how we’re raising our daughter.

Let’s say black the whole black religious experience here is very impressive to me because when I first arrived I realized that people carry their faith with so much pride.

I love the fact that we as black people carry our faith with us. We share it and embrace it and love it and talk about it because we talk about everything else and why not that and that was the first impression that I had that really touched me.

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