It’s not so much about killing an animal it’s being at peace and you don’t have to worry about all the other things that go on. That’s a couple of hours a week that you get to escape but it’s nice to do that.

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You can lose a game but I see guys every week including myself you lose a game it’s a tough loss you’re down two weeks later you forgot about it. You know it’s amazing how down you were but all of the sudden you’re like it never happened.

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In the NFL a lot of times everyone gets caught up in the business side of things. For them it’s all about money and it really leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

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I may be a successful football player but I feel like such a failure.

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Well I would say that we’re regular people first of all and we’re normal and it’s obvious by some of the things that have happened just because our name is famous we’re not immune to tragedy.

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Just you never know what the next day is going to bring. That goes for football goes for off the field and I gave up a long time ago trying to predict the future and trying to deal with things I couldn’t deal with.

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Because after my first year I had a lot of success took everybody by storm came back the next year thought it was easy and didn’t have near the season I had the previous year. It was kind of a wake-up call. And so life goes on.

So much of a professional athlete’s success depends upon not necessarily the play itself but how he deals with… always saying how you deal with good is just as important as how you deal with bad.

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If I can change than anyone can change. I promise you that.

There are those people who are in your corner no matter what you can’t do any wrong even when you do wrong. And then there are those people that no matter what you do they are going to dislike you and that’s not going to change.

Injuries obviously change the way you approach the game.

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I’m thankful for all the things that this job has given me and my family. But probably the thing that I am most proud of throughout my career is that not only myself but my family and the people around me have just been regular people which we are.

But when you lose a family member or something tragic happens that stays with you forever. You never get over it. Knowing that you have to deal with that for the rest of your life… Football is important but not as important as you once thought it was.

The town the team it’s a family. That has helped. For some people who have had to deal with some of the problems I have had to deal with don’t have football as an out.

And having a strong family you know we’ve lost some members of our family and had some setbacks but I think a good family and kids all those things I thought at one time… you got to be kidding me… Those things are so important they enable you to go on.

Well family is obviously the most important. There was a time when I thought football was the most important.

In spite of reports about playing with various teams I’m enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football.

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I really like all music but mostly Country older R&ampB and the good classic rock.

You know I used to listen to music a lot more.

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