There’s not an instruction manual on how to deal with success so you just have to rely on having great friends and a good team.

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Focus on your music and not technology.

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I’ve only ever trusted my gut on everything. I don’t trust my head I don’t trust my heart I trust my gut.

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I remember being in Hollywood at the age of 16 and marveling at the stars. The idea of being part of it never entered my mind. It was too far-fetched.

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I always knew I’d be in music in some sort of capacity. I didn’t know if I’d be successful at it but I knew I’d be doing something in it. Maybe get a job in a record store. Maybe even play in a band. I never got into this to be a star.

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I feel quite sad for the young musicians coming up because they may never get to pay their rent properly. It doesn’t matter what the genre nowadays it’s so much harder than it ever was.

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