There’s a nastiness out there that wants to harm me with words. These are my enemies – the ideologues the populists the columnists who don’t like the fact that I take them on toe-to-toe. What I try to do is tell the truth. It’s not the coin of the realm in politics.

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Stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotype would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype then it begins to fall apart.

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There was always a love-hate relationship with New York in the rest of the country but I made them feel more love than hate.

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I was not afraid of the press or the militants. It was uncomfortable but I was not afraid. With respect to the press I knew I knew more than they knew about city matters. With respect to the militants I understood it. I mean everybody believed in those days that they were being screwed you know that somebody was getting ahead of them.

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I don’t believe that in our society that we should have guns.

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I was drafted into the Army when I was 19 and came out at age 22. Most people that I knew didn’t think they’d come home alive. I didn’t think I would either so I was happy when I did.

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Citizens thank you for all your birthday wishes. I am 88 years old today and still lucky to live in the greatest city in the world.

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No I am not a homosexual. If I were a homosexual I would hope I would have the courage to say so. What’s cruel is that you are forcing me to say I am not a homosexual. This means you are putting homosexuals down. I don’t want to do that.

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If you listen to Giuliani it’s like nobody did anything to improve the city except him. I’m not part of the history. Bloomberg’s not part of the history. It’s like he did it. He’s the only one. That’s why he’s a little crazy.

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