In the summer we graduated we flipped out completely drinking beer cruising in our cars and beating up each other. It was a crazy summer. That’s when I started to be interested in girls.

Ed ONeill Graduation Quote

I went to Ohio University studying arts and history and playing football. But I was only interested in girls my pals and sports. I only did the minimum for school.

Ed ONeill History Quote

That’s a big deal for kids when they come into the kitchen and the teacher is drinking coffee with mom. They react differently on the next day when you say: ‘Sit down and shut-up!’

Ed ONeill Mom Quote

When I read the pilot ‘for Married with Children’ it just reminded me of my Uncle Joe… just a self-deprecating kind of guy. He’d come home from work and the wife would maybe say ‘I ran over the dog this morning in the driveway’. And he would say ‘Fine what’s for dinner?

Ed ONeill Morning Quote