You know in 1975 I couldn’t get a job in New York City because I was American. The kitchens were predominantly run by French Swiss German and basically I got laughed at. I had education I had experience but got laughed at because I was American.

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I launched The Emeril Lagasse Foundation to provide culinary training and developmental and educational programs to children in the cities where my restaurants operate. I think everyone has a responsibility to give back to the community if they can and to help future generations learn new skills.

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Home base is the support system where we have a culinary team my own writers because of the shows and the books and stuff we have a culinary team of about six people. Marketing public relations accounting and all that sort of stuff.

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I can’t tell you enough about cinnamon. Cinnamon is an awesome spice to use and it goes great with something like apples in the morning or in a mixture of fruit or in your oatmeal or even in your cereal.

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You know for 300 years it’s been kind of the same. There are restaurants in New Orleans that the menu hasn’t changed in 125 years so how is one going to change or evolve the food?

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The cool thing is that now that people have made this evolution where cooking is cool people are doing it on weekends they’re doing their own challenges. It’s back to cooking. And it’s real cooking.

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I spent a lot of time on farms when I was young. My uncle and my dad owned a big farm.

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My inspiration was my mom. She’s a great cook and she still cooks and we still banter back and forth about cooking. Growing up in a mostly Portuguese community food was important and the family table was extremely important. At a very young age I understood that.

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My family… always had the value of the family table and these cultural influences of growing up.

We’ll be going to the fish market and a farmer’s market this afternoon to get what we need to make and eat dinner as a family. I’m trying to expose my kids to going to a farmers market or the fish market and learning what that’s all about.

You go to a restaurant in the States and kids have these game boards at the table. You don’t see that in Italy or Spain. It’s not because they can’t afford to buy them it’s because that’s not what eating together as a family is about.

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Being a food show and being me I always kicked it up a notch which means I would always elevate the spice level or the complexity of a particular dish. So it was always like we’re going to kick this up a little bit.

I came here because the city has a tradition and is a very respected food city.

I guess I feel that I was following my instincts and at the same time being guided by the best. I became totally intrigued with Louisiana – the people the food. It is a part of my life. Everything that has happened for me since moving here has just been icing on the cake.

If somebody has a chance to put my food in their mouth that tells the story.

I’m working harder than ever now and I’m putting on my pants the same as I always have. I just get up every day and try to do a little better than the day before and that is to run a great restaurant with great food great wine and great service. That’s my philosophy.

I’ve always done food that can work in a set time frame. The message I’m trying to get across is it doesn’t have to take three days to do this. With planning you can do a lot and really have quality food every day.

Music is one of those things that is constantly going in my head all the time. It’s sort of like the evolution and creation of doing food or my philosophy about wine. It’s always beating in my head so it keeps the spirit moving.

My food is Louisiana New Orleans-based well-seasoned rustic. I think it’s pretty unique because of my background being influenced by my mom Portuguese and French Canadian. There’s a lot going on there.

My Food Network shows ‘Emeril Live’ and ‘Essence of Emeril’ are not in production right now but I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily leaving Food Network. I have a lot of television still in me. I enjoy teaching people so it’s just a matter of time before I do something new.

My philosophy from day one is that I can sleep better at night if I can improve an individual’s knowledge about food and wine and do it on a daily basis.

Start with a clean grill. Keep it clean by brushing with a wire brush after preheating and again after cooking. Make sure to oil your grates and your food before putting it on the grill to keep it from sticking.

Those other 10 o’clock shows that come on all you get from them is headaches and nightmares when you go to bed! At least we give you food know what I mean?

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