Though I was excited about the Sojourner Truth play it was not reassuring to think that my entire future might depend on the success of that one show.

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Elia Kazan understood my problems. He was able to bring out the very best in me. He gave me credit for my intelligence.

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I wanted to be with the kind of people I’d grown up with but you can’t go back to them and be one of them again no matter how hard you try.

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I had always loved John Ford’s pictures. And I came to love him too but I was frightened to death working for him. He used the shock treatment while directing me.

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In her whole life Mom never earned more than five or six dollars a week. Being without a husband it was hard for her to find any place at all for us to live.

Mom never quit on me. My only regret is that she didn’t live long enough to share some of the money and comforts my work in show business has brought me.

Mom was the greatest influence of my childhood. She wanted to save me from the vice lust and drinking that was all about me.

We never had a bathtub. Mom would bathe me in the wooden or tin washtub in the kitchen or in a big lard can.

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