I’ve always been attracted to romantic secondhand clothes. But my style developed as I started going to these strange raves where everybody had these very definitive costumes.

Florence Welch Romantic Quote

The Teenage Cancer Trust does incredible work supporting and caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer and it’s a cause that is really close to me and my family.

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I try to write lyrics so that they won’t age which sort of leaves you with the big subjects like death and love and sex and violence.

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I’ve always been a bit of a decorator. I think if I wasn’t a singer I’d probably be in stage setting or interior design or something. I like clutter and I’m quite visually greedy. I can’t have things to be plain I have to have things looking interesting… maybe I’m just a frustrated interior designer stuck in a singing career.

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It would be too frightening for me to consider myself a role model. But I like the idea of not being afraid of letting your imagination rule you to feel the freedom of expression to let creativity be your overwhelming drive rather than other things.

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The aesthetic came along the way I think – just through experimenting and going on tour and trying stuff out on stage having fun with it and not taking it too seriously. If I had a ballgown at home I’d wear it onstage. If I found something in a charity shop I’d wear it. That’s where it grew from – just wanting to play dress-up.

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There’s such an extreme feeling to be in love especially in quite an emotionally destructive relationship where you’re both kind of really bad for each other but you love each other so much. Those extreme emotions I think can only be described with extreme imagery.

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I saw ‘The Artist.’ It’s really beautiful and it’s all done to the letter with all the silent film techniques. The costumes were amazing and the dog is so good.

I’ve got some incredible fans actually – so loyal and they make me birthday cards and Christmas cards. I got this package of poems and artwork based around the songs. They’ve got this thing called ‘Floetry’ where they all have to put in artwork. They’ve set up their own competitions and stuff which is kind of amazing.

My siblings and I were friends with the boys who would become our stepbrothers – we grew up on the same street. I feel very special to have these amazing people in my life and if we hadn’t all moved into this big house together I think I would have missed out on that because we would have drifted apart.

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Going to parties usually makes me feel depressed just because I have such social fear after meeting people.

I’d gone from being this art student messing about with music to this girl with a record deal magazine front covers and all this hype. In many ways it was everything I ever wanted but when it happened all I felt was total paralysing fear.

I’m completely in love with the world but also terrified of it. It creates some overwhelming feelings. Wanting to battle out that joy and fear is part of my music.

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I’m a light sleeper. I’ve never been one of those people who can put their head down and suddenly everything disappears. Nighttime is the time I get most scared anxious or worried. In those darker moments before waking or sleeping is when I feel most I don’t know I can turn on myself and my imagination can take me dark places.

I’ve got quite a vivid imagination and I’m easily overwhelmed by sensations and things that are beautiful or scary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ghost – I think I’m probably haunted by my own ghosts than real ones.

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