I perfectly understood President Obama’s attitude throughout the French presidential campaign. He had no reason to distance himself from Nicolas Sarkozy. It’s the basic solidarity that leaders who worked together owe to each other.

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An education program is by definition a societal program. Work should be done at school rather than at home.

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Each country has a soul and France’s soul is equality.

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I want the French people to respect values that allow each individual to practice his or her faith but in the frame of our common rules of secularism.

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We are near very near to an end to the eurozone crisis… The worst – in the sense of the fear of the eurozone breaking up – is over. But the best isn’t there yet.

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We are a big country with lots of advantages and history. We are proud to be French. We have to call on patriotism at this time… to ask for an effort in the battle against debt.

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France after the month of May will share trust with the current leadership of the United States which on many subjects has tended to take useful positions in our view.

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I could have made a fortune in cheeseburgers but I finally chose politics.

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The transatlantic relationship is vital for both our countries: France will remain a reliable ally of the United States. Nevertheless ally does not mean aligned.

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Before you I engage myself to serve my country with the devotion and the exemplary that this post demands. I understand responsibilities of the job and as such I give a republican salute to Nicolas Sarkozy who has led France for 5 years and who deserves all of our respect.

I am for a clear distinction between public and private life. I believe private matters should be regulated in private and I have asked those close to me to respect this.

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