Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

Garth Brooks God Quote

Happiness isn’t getting what you want it’s wanting what you got.

Garth Brooks Happiness Quote

There’s a difference between knowing what’s on the page in a history book and actually feeling that page have curves and valleys.

Garth Brooks History Quote

Whatever I do I hope it’s quality I hope it’s something that’s class.

Garth Brooks Hope Quote

If I have any talent at all it’s from God and my mom who was on Capitol Records also.

Garth Brooks Mom Quote

You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.

Garth Brooks Money Quote

I like to follow my favorite team and talk sports with my band or fans. You won’t believe how many musicians are sports fans. We have so much time on tour that we need these outlets for relaxation.

Garth Brooks Sports Quote

It’s funny how a chubby kid can just be having fun and people call it entertainment!

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I’d like to think a baseball picture is somewhere in my future.

Garth Brooks Future Quote

I don’t know of too many double Christmas albums so it is something that’s new and hopefully will be fun and there’s plenty of stuff out there to cut.

Garth Brooks Christmas Quote