You can’t tell your kids to read if you’re just watching television. They have to see you read. And in that respect I think it’s important to walk the walk. It’s a wonderful shared time.

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Really each era has its own false nostalgia. We all put a picket fence up around something. For my generation it was the ’50s and for other generations it will be something else. Change is scary for everyone as is complexity contradiction and an uncertain future.

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I don’t understand people who dream in black and white. I just don’t get it. My dreams have always been vivid color.

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History is full of examples of people who clamp down after they began to enjoy too much freedom. Freedom can lead to instability anarchy and confusion. So there can be a moral counter-revolution.

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Ultimately so much Dr. Seuss is about empowerment. He invites us to disappear into our imagination and then blows the doors off what that can mean.

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If you look at the opening of ‘Private Ryan’ you are so in the point of view of those guys and there is a whole world swirling all around them. You are learning that geography as they are learning it.

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Most modern science fiction went to school on ‘Dune.’ Even ‘Harry Potter’ with its ‘boy protagonist who has not yet grown into his destiny’ shares a common theme. When I read it for the first time I felt like I had learned another language mastered a new culture adopted a new religion.

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Dr. Strangelove’ was and is one of my favorite movies ever and I just can’t believe they actually blew up the world after that.

Family entertainment is really very necessary in our culture. Look how profitable they are. It’s almost not discretionary. You need to take your family to the movies.

I love all the old classic Disney movies. ‘Pinocchio.’ There are obviously tons of them that anybody growing up on that stuff takes with them their whole lives and I’m an admirer of a lot of classic animation and fairy tales. I grew up on a book of Grimm’s fairy tales that I kind of wore out again and again. That’s all stuff that lingers with you.

I think movies do play a valuable role in turning people on to the act of reading. I think that phenomenon just creates readers. At first they’re going to love ‘Harry Potter’ or they may love ‘The Hunger Games’ but after that they’re going to love the act of reading and wonder ‘What else can I read?’

Obviously I love ‘The Godfather’ movies. I think they’re phenomenal.

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