I have never lied about my relationship with Bill Clinton. The only proven liar at this point and the only admitted liar is Bill Clinton not Gennifer Flowers not Kathleen Willey not Paula Jones and not Monica Lewinsky at this point. He is the only proven liar.

I met Bill Clinton in 1977 while I was working as a news reporter for KARK-TV in Little Rock Arkansas. Shortly after we met we began a sexual relationship that lasted for twelve years.

I think that Bill and Hillary Clinton have a very special relationship and I think in very many ways to them it’s a very satisfying relationship. I think that it’s a mutual respect with a goal of power to achieve maintain power. And I think that they have been good partners in that.

On several occasions I discussed with Bill Clinton the subject of inquiries by the media about our relationship. He told me to continue to deny our relationship that if we would stick together everything would be okay.

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