I really liked the helicopter pilot in ‘Dawn of the Dead’ when he gets bitten and comes out of the elevator. That guy was amazing. He did this incredible walk that we didn’t even know about until we started shooting.

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For a Catholic kid in parochial school the only way to survive the beatings – by classmates not the nuns – was to be the funny guy.

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When I was old enough to go to movies alone I got to see ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’ on the big screen. I just fell in love with them.

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My stories are about humans and how they react or fail to react or react stupidly. I’m pointing the finger at us not at the zombies. I try to respect and sympathize with the zombies as much as possible.

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On the other side of that coin and far outweighing it is the fact that I’ve been able to use genre of Fantasy/Horror and express my opinion talk a little about society do a little bit of satire and that’s been great man. A lot of people don’t have that platform.

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As great as Ed is the wisdom out here is that he can’t carry a movie. They’ll pay him $3 million to be the second banana in Julia Roberts things. But they won’t put up $3 million for an Ed Harris movie.

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Ever since ‘Lassie’ and ‘Old Yeller’ I won’t watch animal movies. Animals in movies always die.

Movies are about escape.

People called ’28 Days’ and ’28 Weeks’ zombie movies and they’re not! It’s some sort of virus they’re not dead.

The guy that made me wanna make movies… and this is off the wall-is a guy named Michael Pal the British director.

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