The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas.

George Santayana Education Quote

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

George Santayana Family Quote

That fear first created the gods is perhaps as true as anything so brief could be on so great a subject.

George Santayana Fear Quote

We must welcome the future remembering that soon it will be the past and we must respect the past remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.

George Santayana Future Quote

Many possessions if they do not make a man better are at least expected to make his children happier and this pathetic hope is behind many exertions.

George Santayana Hope Quote

The degree in which a poet’s imagination dominates reality is in the end the exact measure of his importance and dignity.

George Santayana Imagination Quote

Intelligence is quickness in seeing things as they are.

George Santayana Intelligence Quote

Almost every wise saying has an opposite one no less wise to balance it.

The hunger for facile wisdom is the root of all false philosophy.

Wisdom comes by disillusionment.

George Santayana Wisdom Quotes

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.

It is veneer rouge aestheticism art museums new theaters etc. that make America impotent. The good things are football kindness and jazz bands.

The effort of art is to keep what is interesting in existence to recreate it in the eternal.

The love of all-inclusiveness is as dangerous in philosophy as in art.

George Santayana Art Quotes

For a man who has done his natural duty death is as natural as sleep.

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.

George Santayana Death Quotes