Take care of your life and the Lord will take care of your death.

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Fight the good fight of faith and God will give you spiritual mercies.

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The great and important duty which is incumbent on Christians is to guard against all appearance of evil to watch against the first risings in the heart to evil and to have a guard upon our actions that they may not be sinful or so much as seem to be so.

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But he is unworthy the name of a minister of the gospel of peace who is unwilling not only to have his name cast out as evil but also to die for the truths of the Lord Jesus.

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No the religion of Jesus is a social religion.

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Among the many reasons assignable for the sad decay of true Christianity perhaps the neglecting to assemble ourselves together in religious societies may not be one of the least.

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O my brethren my heart is enlarge towards you. I trust I feel something of that hidden but powerful presence of Christ whilst I am preaching to you.

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Although believers by nature are far from God and children of wrath even as others yet it is amazing to think how nigh they are brought to him again by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Nothing is more generally known than our duties which belong to Christianity and yet how amazing is it nothing is less practiced?

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For it pleased God after he had made all things by the word of his power to create man after his own image.

O that unbelievers would learn of faithful Abraham and believe whatever is revealed from God though they cannot fully comprehend it! Abraham knew God commanded him to offer up his son and therefore believed notwithstanding carnal reasoning might suggest may objections.

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