Sometimes you have to take the focus off of you and put it on someone else and it’s funny what you can accomplish and how much strength you really have.

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I’ve had weight issues all my life. I’ve been on all the diets: Atkins liquid protein Scarsdale diet. Now I go to the gym often. I’m always on the StairMaster and I do weights.

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In New York City you can walk down the street and see a girl in a trench who looks equally as cool as a girl wearing Lululemon. It’s like you’re watching models. You see a little of everything right by you.

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I’m a disorganized mess. My purse is gross: I once found a shoulder pad string cheese and a Christmas ornament in it!

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If you have a friend or family member with breast cancer try not to look at her with ‘sad eyes.’ Treat her like you always did just show a little extra love.

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I can’t remember a time when my mom didn’t work. She has forever been on the move: a go-getter. When my brother Adel and I had a paper route as kids my mom would get up before us at the crack of dawn to drop off the Washington Post at different corners.

To this day my mom’s unsinkable spirit is an inspiration to me. For nearly thirty years she’s worked at the Library of Congress. Everyone knows Sameha simply as ‘Sami.’ Along with 500 miles of shelved books her closest friendships are cataloged in that library. They are as much the value of work to my mom as is the work itself.

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From time to time I’ll look back through the personal journals I’ve scribbled in throughout my life the keepers of my raw thoughts and emotions. The words poured forth after my dad died when I went through a divorce and after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There are so many what-ifs scribbled on those pages.

So I go to my first book signing and these two girls came up and gave me a piece of paper: ’10 reasons you should date our dad. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s a lawyer.’ He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t even know me. They called him and he came down and asked me out that day. Now I’m dating their dad!

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