They went into my closets looking for skeletons but thank God all they found were shoes beautiful shoes.

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The problem of the world today is the people talk on and on about democracy freedom justice. But I don’t give a damn about democracy if I am worried about survival.

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The Philippines is a terrible name coming from Spain. Phillip II was the father of the inquisition who I believe died of syphilis. It is my great regret that we didn’t change the name of our country.

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Never dress down for the poor. They won’t respect you for it. They want their First Lady to look like a million dollars.

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Life is not a matter of place things or comfort rather it concerns the basic human rights of family country justice and human dignity.

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I will come up with a project that will wipe out poverty in the Philippines in two years. I want to remove the people from economic crisis by using the Marcos wealth. Long after I’m gone people will remember me for building them homes and roads and hospitals and giving them food.

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I really had no great love for shoes. I was a working First Lady I was always in canvas shoes. I did nurture the shoes industry of the Philippines and so every time there was a shoe fair I would receive a pair of shoes as a token of gratitude.

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I love everybody. One of the great things about me is that I have a very positive attitude.

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I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back.

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I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes I had one thousand and sixty.

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