Most kids don’t get to go their parents’ wedding.

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I’m in exactly the same position as everybody else who has a small business. I mean I get loads of money all from different sources. You give it to your accountant. They manage it.

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I was a weedy kid not like one of those working-class men who can accommodate not being academically clever by physical strength and prowess.

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I undertake that in the exercise of my functions of that office I will have regard to any guidance with respect to ethical standards issued by the secretary of state under Section 66 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999.

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I do the gardening.

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I do explicitly see Jewish people as a people – not either a religion or an ethnicity but a people.

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I came into politics because I wished to change things. You can’t do that by lying to people you have to educate and persuade and carry them with you – and it’s often a long haul.

I loathe and detest all this trivialisation of politics.

Politics is not a healthy lifestyle.

Short of being prime minister there isn’t a better job in British politics than running London.

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