Mr. President prime ministers let us have ambitions: ambitions to move beyond the violence and occupation to the day when two states Palestine and Israel can live together side by side in peace and security.

Peace with Israel is a strategic imperative for Jordan.

We have peace with Israel. We’re actually the last man standing. So there is going to be immense pressure and people asking ‘Why are we having this relationship when it’s not benefiting anybody?’ Obviously my answer is you always benefit from peace.

King Abdullah II Peace Quotes

Jerusalem is a time bomb that I fear is just waiting to go off.

Over the past few years the road to confrontation has shown its consequences: loss of innocent lives destruction and fear. Most costly however was the loss of hope. The most precious gift that you can present to your peoples over the coming weeks is renewed hope born out of tangible progress on the ground.

King Abdullah II Fear Quotes

I have the responsibility of over four million people and I am in a position to do good to be able to bring about a new life for my people and I will continue to move in that direction. It’s a burden but it needs to be done and you have to have the courage and wisdom to see it through.

Prime Minister Sharon Prime Minister Abbas I urge you today to end the designs of those who seek destruction annihilation and occupation and I urge you to have the will and the courage to begin to realize our dreams of peace prosperity and coexistence.

King Abdullah II Courage Quotes

I don’t think the Middle East could afford another war.

When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock resupplied you don’t learn the lesson that war is bad and nobody wins.

King Abdullah II War Quotes

Blowing up buses will not induce the Israelis to move forward and neither will the killing of Palestinians or the demolition of their homes and their future. All this needs to stop. And we pledge that Jordan will do its utmost to help achieve it.

If you believe that the killing of innocent people is right then you are not part of my future.

The incentive that you give to your youth is going to be the make-or-break future of the country.

The security and the future of Jordan is hand-in-hand with the future of the Palestinians and the Israelis.

King Abdullah II Future Quotes

At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That’s the only way to defeat terrorism.

I hope that none of the countries in the Middle East are planning anything but the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy.

Is Israel going to continue to be ‘Fortress Israel’? Or as we all hope become accepted into the neighborhood which I believe is the only way we can move forward in harmony.

We have to always hope in humanity that people will make the right choices.

King Abdullah II Hope Quotes