We have an amazing advantage right now in that we have developed technology that is so sexy so engaging for kids.

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We can’t afford to sacrifice another generation of American children to bureaucratic politics. We’ve got to get it done. The future the health the life – our nation depends on it and it’s just foolish to think or act otherwise.

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This wired generation is kind of cool.

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It’s not about division. It’s not about politics. My concern is how do we come together?

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And it’s here and it’s ready and we can really revolutionize the way we educate our children with tablet computers and I’m committed to doing whatever I can to speaking to whomever I can to send this signal – to pound this message home. Now is the time.

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It’s definitely true that there are a lot of the devices we used on ‘Star Trek’ that came out the imagination of the writers and the creators that are actually in the world today.

Reading a hard copy book and reading a book on an iPad are slightly different experiences. What they both have in common though is that you must engage your imagination in the process.

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If we marry educational technology with quality enriching content that’s a circle of win.

I’ve always been interested in gadgets and technology and I’ve always been a reader.

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