You can make a lot of money in this game. Just ask my ex-wives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work.

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When you’re poor you know nothing about the future you know nothing about the world nothing that goes on outside 300 yards around you.

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Only bad golfers are lucky. They’re the ones bouncing balls off trees curbs turtles and cars. Good golfers have bad luck. When you hit the ball straight a funny bounce is bound to be unlucky.

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My divorce came to me as a complete surprise. That’s what happens when you haven’t been home in eighteen years.

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If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.

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I never played much golf as a kid. I caddied quite a bit but never got serious into golf until about age 15.

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I met Jesse Owens once. He was a remarkable individual and I have tremendous respect for what he did in the Olympics under the circumstances.

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Golf isn’t just my business it’s my hobby.

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I have an orthopedic pillow that’s made out of a sponge material. I have a plate in my throat and I have to be careful or I could end up with a bad neck in the morning. That pillow is a must everywhere I go.

When you really deep down look at it we go to bed every night get up every morning stay here for 70 or 80 years and then we die.

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