You know bad poetry I wrote in high school can still be found on the Internet and you know there’s a Web log of our college newspaper. You know there’s so many different stages of my creative development are sort of on-record if somebody were to choose to look for them.

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Positive healthy loving relationships in your twenties… I don’t know if anyone would disagree with it: I think they’re the exception not the norm. People are either playing house really aggressively because they’re scared of what an uncertain time it is or they’re avoiding commitment altogether.

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None of my actions have ever sort of been motored by the search for a husband or wondering if I was going to have a family someday or wanting to live in a really great house or thinking it would be really great to have a diamond.

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My uncle’s a lawyer and I remember going to see him in court and thinking ‘That’s cool too bad I could never be a lawyer.’

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My weight fluctuates depending on my mood and my current devotion to my fitness routine.

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It’s very easy for me to say what success is. I think success is connecting with an audience who understands you and having a dialogue with them. I think success is continuing to push yourself forward creatively and not sort of becoming a caricature of yourself.

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I would go to work from 9 to 6 go home nap for two hours then write from 8 to 2 a.m.

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I think romantic comedy when done right is my favorite genre. It’s just a genre that’s very human.

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I spent all my time on my movies worried that people were eating and that the schedule was being kept so to have experts in those areas giving me the brain space as a writer and director is huge.

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I never sort of thought of myself as a comedy writer by nature.

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