We must ensure that every worker has healthcare and is able to save for their retirement. We must ensure that our workers have safe and health working conditions.

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The March on Washington affirmed our values as a people: equality and opportunity for all. Forty-one years ago during a time of segregation these were an ideal.

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The 9/11 Commission recently released their report citing important changes which need to be made to improve our nation’s homeland security. I voiced my disappointment with the House leadership when this report was left until after the August recess for action.

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Our nation was founded on the principals of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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As the third anniversary of the September 11th attacks draws near we must ensure our nation is prepared to handle the continued threat of violence and terrorism on our country.

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I am committed to ensure that our intelligence community law enforcement medical professionals and military have the information and funding needed to protect the American people from threats at home and abroad.

The 9/11 Commission strongly recommends that the National Intelligence Director be fully in control of the budget from developing it to implementing it to ensuring that the National Intelligence Director has the clout to make decisions.

The National Intelligence Director needs the authority to do the job we are asking him to do. That means power over the intelligence budget. And to be effective to be allowed to do his or her job they must have authority over the budget.

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