You can take Elvis. You can take Marilyn Monroe. Success and fame will not be the answer if something inside of you is bothering you if things in your mind aren’t going right.

Linda Evans Success Quote

If there’s no inner peace people can’t give it to you. The husband can’t give it to you. Your children can’t give it to you. You have to give it to you.

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I was looking very much for a career. My second marriage to Stan Herman had ended and I wanted very much to be independent not take alimony from him be on my own do the right thing.

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I played with dolls until I was 15. My mother encouraged it because my older sister got married when she was 15 so Mom thought that the longer I stayed with dolls the better.

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I always looked for a man to rescue me and bring me happiness. I bought into that myth of course and looked for my own Prince Charming.

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