There is no scientific reason to think that we even with space travel are going to survive as a species for ever certainly not by biting off the hand that feeds us which is exactly what we are doing.

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Of course the plea for respect for nonhuman life goes far beyond the scientific delight of familiarity with our planet mates. The nonhuman forms of life with which we 6,000 million talking upright apes share this finite planet are directly or indirectly connected to our well-being.

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Despite our very recent appearance on the planet humanity combines arrogance with increasing material demands even as we become more numerous. Our toughness is a delusion. Have we the intelligence and discipline to vigilantly guard against our tendency to grow without limit?

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All living beings not just animals but plants and microorganisms perceive. To survive an organic being must perceive – it must seek or at least recognize food and avoid environmental danger.

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