Yeah my dream would be to work for 6 months and then have 6 months to play just snowboarding surfing and going to cool places to listen and be alone and kinda chill out.

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To create well I have to be in a good mood happy and cool.

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People kind of tend to mystify design and architecture by suggesting you need to train.

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If somebody asked me about my inspiration I would say that it’s not the peopleand it’s not the things it’s travel and experiencing different environments.

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Design schools are good I guess sometimes I visit schools but they are very very limiting.

I think it’s really important to design things with a kind of personality.

So if I design it and then go away it’s still living somewhere and it still exists by itself without me.

So if I want to buy a light in a shop and I don’t find a light that I like I think to myself what would I like? What would I like to buy? Then I started to imagine and design it for myself a lot of the time.

Well I never studied design and I went to art school to study art you know sculpture and things like that and ended up making things like sculpture and started making chairs and jewelry together and that’s how I started.

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