That’s the key to success isn’t it? It has to be fun.

Monica Seles Success Quote

I lost my dad way too early and it was agonisingly awful. I missed him so much and I hated knowing that I could never again pick up the phone to tell him about my day.

Monica Seles Dad Quote

I am lucky to have advisers whom I trust.

Monica Seles Trust Quote

I don’t like salads: I like the strong food.

I think for me food was a way for me to deal with emotional trouble.

Monica Seles Food Quotes

Did you know that Christmas Day is absolutely the best day to fly? It is. No crowded airports and crowded planes. I always flew to Australia. That’s what Christmas was for me – a plane journey to the next tournament.

I never really did Christmas before. Christmas Day? I mean – what’s that? What’s it all about? I was always flying on Christmas Day.

Monica Seles Christmas Quotes