You don’t want your jewelry to make you look fat. A lot of what’s out there now does – you just wind up looking like a Christmas tree.

Padma Lakshmi Christmas Quote

One thing that happens when you’re pregnant is that as your stomach starts to stretch. It itches! So I have to keep my belly really lubricated. Every morning there’s a buttering ceremony after I get out of the shower. It’s really like basting a turkey with body butter.

Padma Lakshmi Morning Quote

In truth I am a single mother. But I don’t feel alone at all in parenting my daughter. Krishna has a whole other side of her family who loves her too. And so Krishna is parented by me but also by her grandmother and aunts and cousins and uncles and friends.

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I know most people use their phones to tell time but there’s something very romantic and beautiful about a timepiece.

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I never Tweet about my daughter. Never. I just want to be respectful of her privacy. My job as a mom is to know when to open my mouth and when not to.

I’m an immigrant kid who came to America from India when I was very young and grew up in New York City with a single mom and really was influenced by all of those immigrant cultures bumping up against each other.

My mom was scared of the old Times Square so I was never allowed to go. Now I’m scared of the new Times Square so I still never go.

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From the simple stringing together of lemon garlands for the goddess Durga to dividing the prasadam or blessed foods for the children first I came to associate food not only with feminity but also with purity and divinity.

I really like to sometimes go into food detox and eat very simply.

I think wine is such a big universe that it’s kind of like food – it’s intimidating to a lot of people myself included.

Part of my job as a food writer is to describe food. So my work on ‘Top Chef’ I feel is an extension of that. When we give a criticism to the contestant we want to make sure we tell them why it’s not working and why it would work if they did it a different way.

People always comment about my clothes. They don’t think a fashionable woman can love food and be knowledgeable and actually cook.

The best thing you can do for someone is make them a beautiful plate of food. How else can you invade someone’s body without actually touching them?

Wine like food is so emotional. If you think about it so much of the courting ritual is surrounded by wine and food. There’s a built-in romance to wine.

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