If you live through the initial stage of fame and get past it and remember thats not who you are. If you live past that then you have a hope of maybe learning how to spell the word artist.

Patrick Swayze Hope Quote

I like to believe that I’ve got a lot of guardian warriors sittin’ on my shoulder including my dad.

Patrick Swayze Dad Quote

I keep dreaming of a future a future with a long and healthy life not lived in the shadow of cancer but in the light.

Patrick Swayze Future Quote

I had a lot of anger because I wasn’t happy with the way I had been raised.

Patrick Swayze Anger Quote

I don’t want to be Mr. Romantic Leading Man. I don’t want to be the Dance Dude. I don’t want to be the Action Guy. If I had to do any one of those all my life it’d drive me crazy.

Patrick Swayze Romantic Quote

How do you nurture a positive attitude when all the statistics say you’re a dead man? You go to work.

Patrick Swayze Attitude Quote

Together we can make a world where cancer no longer means living with fear without hope or worse.

What’s powerful about a love scene is not seeing the act. It’s seeing the passion the need the desire the caring the fear.

Patrick Swayze Fear Quotes