We have such a long familiar history with Peter Falk. The minute his mug is on that screen people smile.

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I remember my wife and I used to get on plane and see everybody else with their babies. They’d be putting strollers and car seats up above and we’d think: Oh please Lord don’t make us go through that.

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Field of Dreams is the only movie – and I saw it in the theater – on an afternoon when I was on location somewhere and there were like 12 people in the theater. I was just so devastated I couldn’t get out of my seat. And I sat and watched it a second time.

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And in that time I lost my dad and had kids of my own. It was like OK I get it now. I know what fatherhood is all about. And you look at your parents differently.

In fact I had the idea because of Peter Falk. I saw my dad watching a Peter Falk movie and something clicked in my head. I gotta go make a movie for Peter Falk and me.

In the original draft I was 27 and Peter was 55 in the script. That’s not the same as a guy in his 40s and a dad in the end of his 70s. It’s a different point in both our lives.

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