Someone once said that history has more imagination than all the scenario writers in the Pentagon and we have a lot of scenario writers here. No one ever wrote a scenario for commercial airliners crashing into the World Trade Center.

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It’s wonderful that so many people want to contribute to fighting aids or malaria. But if somebody isn’t paying attention to the overall health system in the country a whole lot of money can be wasted.

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I can’t predict the future.

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China in the future is going to have even more nuclear capability than it has had in the past. I don’t believe that they have anything to fear from the United States and I frankly don’t believe they do fear the United States.

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I told my father I had to try political science for a year. He thought I was throwing my life away.

One of the things that ultimately led me to leave mathematics and go into political science was thinking I could prevent nuclear war.

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I mean we’re going to probably debate the Iraq war for at least as long as I’m alive.

That sense of what happened in Europe in World War II has shaped a lot of my views.

We did not go to war in Afghanistan or in Iraq to quote ‘impose democracy.’ We went to war in both places because we saw those regimes as a threat to the United States.

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