You have to just go with your imagination where your instinct takes you.

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Watching people just look out for themselves I think is extremely interesting. It goes right back to something like ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ – the underbelly of society how it operates and how that reflects their so-called betters.

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Truth is I don’t think God on a daily basis. I think politics science.

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There’s no such thing as an actor giving positive criticism to a director. The minute you say ‘Don’t you think it would look nicer…’ that director’s going to hate your guts. Particularly if it’s a good idea.

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There are some people who walk into a room and they oxygenate it by their very being there’s fresh air. Then there are those who come in with the smell of death and they suck the life out.

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Part of the reason why movie bosses are so obsessed with crime movies is because they know that world and the criminals. And that’s what they are – they would not hesitate to act illegally to achieve profit and gain.

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I know virtually no one of my age who can remember a hug or a smile from their father or a ‘Let’s go play football.’

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As a dad I’m emotionally dedicated but I’m not ‘figuring out their life plans’. But of course as I’m telling them about the rights of wrongs I’m thinking back to what I was like at their age.

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