One of the things I’ve always personally tried to stress with this band was to have some kind of visual aspect and to be consistent with it – like not to change.

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Most bands don’t even last fourteen months let alone fourteen years.

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It’s bad poetry executed by people that can’t sing. That’s my definition of Rap.

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I want to stay away from politics or else I’ll probably end up putting my size fifteen foot into my mouth.

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I stay way from that area and there’s only so many songs you can write about love sex and death.

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I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment which I hate to do but it’s motivational. I like old heavy metal when I’m outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me.

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I don’t know what to say to that but I have to agree with Johnny that yeah we do touch upon things that most men would rather not admit: That we feel pain we cry get sad and sometimes don’t deal well with disappointment.

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As far as humor goes I’ve always been a very insecure person and I’ve always wanted to be liked.

Well darkness with humor… I’m not an extremely suicidal or sad person.

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