Women have talent and intelligence but due to social constraints and prejudices it is still a long distance away from the goal of gender equality.

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This post of President is a Constitutional post. It is the duty of everyone all citizens to see that they respect the post… the institution of President.

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Often we are quick to find blame with others but yet are unable to give constructive responses. There seems to be a tendency to doubt almost everything. Do we not have faith in our own people’s strengths and in our institutions? Can we afford distrust amongst ourselves?

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India is known for its sobriety and wisdom balanced and sensible thinking. We need strong institutions and we need good governance in the country.

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India-Seychelles relations have been characterized by close friendship understanding and cooperation.

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I believe economic growth should translate into the happiness and progress of all. Along with it there should be development of art and culture literature and education science and technology. We have to see how to harness the many resources of India for achieving common good and for inclusive growth.

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Financial institutions the corporate world and civil society – all must uphold high standards of probity in their working. Only a genuine partnership between the Government and its people can bring about positive change to create a just society.

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A paradigm shift where in addition to physical inputs for farming a focused emphasis placed on knowledge inputs can be a promising way forward. This knowledge-based approach will bring immense returns particularly in rain fed and dry land farming areas.

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