I think opera has gained a kind of glamorous appeal. It’s a live performance that aligns all of the arts and when it is represented in the media in film in particular it is presented as something that is really a special event whether it’s a great date or something that’s just hugely romantic.

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I have had a very difficult time with stage fright it undermines your well-being and peace of mind and it can also threaten your livelihood.

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Every singer eventually gets around to a Christmas disc.

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For years I had no time for exploratory travel.

Having to travel so much plays havoc with your personal life.

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Being steeped in the process of learning and exploring keeps me from becoming too nervous. Partly it’s about not getting bored.

Everybody’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. I mean I’ve never arrived… I’m still learning all the time.

Learning operatic roles is ongoing and I find that I can learn on the train or subway during a manicure getting my hair done and even while driving if I only look at the score at red lights.

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